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April 2008

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guinan in anti_diet_diary


I decided to write in this journal after my stepdaughter suggested I write a book chronicling her father's large weight loss. Over the past two years through diet and exercise hubby has gone from 360+ pounds to weighing about 279 lbs. I've been going to the gym with him for the past 14 months, my weight loss hasn't been as spectacular, but I am content because for the first time I truly feel not only better, but like the weight will stay off. Since I am pretty certain I will never write the book, I did decide to write in a journal all the things I've learned not just in the last couple of years, but after a lifetime fighting being over weight. While I am not an expert by profession, my life experiences, combined with trial and error, I think I may have some insight in to the diet merry go round and what works and doesn't work for me. Some of these things might be of use to others so I figured what the heck I'd create a journal dedicated towards not just keeping track of my own journey but to share with others any information that they might be able to use. Basically an unbiased view, unbiased in the fact that I don't have an agenda. I am not trying to sell a diet plan, pill, exercise machine, or anything else. Just my take on things, take what is useful to you... leave the rest. And feel free to share any insights you might have. Who knows maybe if I get it all down in some kind of order maybe I will write a book.

OR not. LOL

But if it ever does become a manuscript I would like to thank Holly for the idea.