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April 2008

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guinan in anti_diet_diary

20 minutes, 3 days my sweet patootie!!!

The title of this journal came from one of my biggest pet peeves. Commercials or I should say infomercials that claim if you use (at a nifty price) their product, i.e.: Diet Pill, Diet plan, Exercise regime, or machine for just <i>"20 minutes a day, 3 days a week</i> You too will look like *insert picture of hot babe, stud with washboard abs* who is trying to sell you this stuff to begin with. Talk about a load of crap. It might be true if you are a size 10 looking to drop a size or two for bikini season, but if your anything larger than a 16, you're in for some major disappointment. Which of course most people end up thinking it's their failure, not the product or the sales pitch with it's unrealistic goals. The fact is we, hubby and I go to the gym 5 days a week (barring circumstances like family stuff or illness) and hour or more a day, 52 weeks a year and in that time, hubby has dropped significant weight. I on the other hand am only down 1 pants size. Differences in motivation, body types (men will lose faster & differently than women) among other things. I have no idea how long it would take me to go down one size if I only worked out 20 minutes a day 3 days a week.

The sad fact is most of the things that are sold using that line or something similar, are aimed at the very people they won't do much good for. Take me for instance, over 40 carrying leftover baby weight from two pregnancies, not to mention years of nibbling, cookies, holiday candy, and living a more or less sedentary lifestyle. Sure running after the two aforementioned babies for several years probably kept me from ballooning up too much, but any good that may have done me was undone by multiple trips through the fast food drive through.

Do you know how many happy meals I had to ingest to get the complete sets of; Lion King toys, Disney plates, LOTR glasses, Toy Story handpuppets... the list goes on.

20 minutes a day on the Stairmaster, abductor, tummy cruncher, etc... isn't going to undo that in 3 days a week. Unless of course I live to be 102. Even then, it's iffy.

Now consider this, how many people who are deluded into believing these items are the miracle they are looking for, actually use them? I personally know 3 people who bought or were given as gifts by their signifgant other/spouse a bowflex. I hear they make a nice clothes rack. One fellow I know has had it for 3 months has not even set it up yet. The box makes a good place to sit to tie his shoes. Same thing goes with most exercise equipment, stationary bicycles, treadmills, rowing machines, step machines, thighmasters, you name it, they get used for a short while and then become just another thing to collect dust. There is a reason you see them all the time at garage sales & thrift stores.

Let's be honest the truth is that if you were a self motivated type person you probably would have been exercising all along and not really need to shell out $3,299 (but hey, shipping is free! *snort*) for a bowflex, or what ever. You'd already have a gym you use or at the very least be walking, jogging or even riding a bike maybe doing a few sit-ups or leg lifts all on your own. And you would know, that it takes more than 20 minutes a few days a week to do anything but at the very least maintain where you already are.

If you are serious about losing weight, it's going to take a commitment to change your lifestyle. Each individual is different, and not everything works for everybody. But these 3 things I know are unequivocal:

1) Diet and exercise are key. Pay attention to what you put into your body, and make sure your activity level is something more than reaching for the remote.

2) If it sounds too good or easy, it probably isn't going to live up to the promises it makes, no matter how many people with their before and after pictures contend it will. Mostly they are paid actors and if you read the fine print... every diet aid, appetite suppressant, fat burner etc.. will tell you that diet and exercise are highly recommended for the outcome you're expecting. Of course you won't get that fine print until after your visa has been charged $49.95 +sh and you have the item in your hot lil hands. And money back guarantees are iffy at best. Some will, many will procrastinate to the point you'll gladly give it up rather than to have to have one more runaround with voicemail or foreign telephone rep.

3) Be realistic. I know that I started out a size 22... leaning towards a 24. I am now pretty much into a size 20. At almost 48 yrs old I know I will never look like Cher (who is 13 yrs my senior), Goldie Hawn, (14 yrs older ), or even Christy Brinkley (only 5 yrs older than moi). I just will never have flawless skin, flat abs, a tight tush and perky boobs. For one thing I can't afford that level of plastic surgery, for another I am realistic and know I will never see anything under a size 16 again in my life time. Unless of course I'm in a wreck and my jaws are wired shut for 6 months.

even then... milk shakes mmmmmm.


Seriously. Pick a realistic goal and go for it. Try 2 sizes smaller than what you are today. You can always set a new goal later, but trying to reach the unattainable is just setting yourself up for disaster.